Anne-Marie Levine

Editorial Reviews: Euphorbia

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"Anne-Marie Levine's poems have a directness and emotional freshness which are among the rarest and most valuable attributes of worldliness, and they give her poems a characteristic and welcome savor."
-- William Matthews `

"Anne-Marie Levine's poetry is full of life drawing, as it were, after life, very brave and concrete. Throughout her poetry there is the humor of survival and the horror of relations and the comedy of the bedroom."
-- David Shapiro `

"EUPHORBIA is an arresting first book of narrative poems about the poet's life lived among famous people in Hollywood and New York. The poems have the wit, energy and vibrancy of good documentary or autobiography."
-- Diane Wakoski `

"In EUPHORBIA, Anne-Marie Levine makes a witty, robust debut."
-- Publisher's Weekly `

"One is tempted to describe her as a clear-eyed feminist commentator on the contemporary scene, except that she is too wry and undogmatic and entertaining to fit into that classification. She has the brilliance and audacity to be an original."
-- Stanley Kunitz `